Ambition Centre for Training works with schools across Scotland supplying courses for pupils from first to sixth year. For many young people, an early opportunity to work on skills that relate directly to the world of work and will provide real benefits to their overall educational programme.PROVISION OF HAIRDRESSING, BARBERING AND BEAUTY COURSES TO SCHOOLS. Ambition specialise in the delivery of hair and beauty courses, we can cater to the needs of all age groups and deliver to suit your school curriculum. The courses can be used as an introduction to hairdressing and/or beauty skills or as a tool to teach personal presentation, communication skills, team work and other generic skills. Our courses are taught by professional Hairdressers and Beauticians who work in industry and have experience working with school pupils. All courses are certificated by SQA and can be delivered as part of a Group Award or as individual units.Pupils wishing to pursue a career in the hair and beauty industry will have the opportunity to progress with ACT and begin training in the workplace to achieve Scottish Vocational Qualifications and Modern Apprenticeships.
Listed below are examples of the different units/courses which Ambition can deliver to school pupils:Skills for Work Hairdressing Level 4. Ambition works with schools across Scotland supplying SQA-certified Skills for Work courses for pupils in the third and fourth year of secondary school and above.The course is at level 4 and consists of four 40-hour mandatory units, all of which emphasise the employability skills and attitudes that will help prepare candidates for the workplace.

Hairdressing: Salon Awareness
Hairdressing: Working in the Salon
Hairdressing: Employability Skills
Hairdressing: Creativity

Skills for Work Hairdressing Level 5 - This course is at level 5 and consists of four 40 hour unitsHairdressing: Working in the salon
Hairdressing: Salon Skills
Hairdressing: Creative trends
Hairdressing: Introduction to colour

Make-up Skills - This course is at level 5 and consists of three 40 hour unitsDay Make Up and Basic Corrective Make-up
Bridal and Evening Make Up
Contemporary Make Up
Individual unitsLevel 4Beauty – Practical Skills
Beauty Skills: An Introduction
Career Options and Choices
Combined Practical Beauty Skills
Contemporary Make-up• Hairdressing – Practical Skills
Health and Safety
Prepare and Assist in a Workplace Environment
Product Awareness
Skincare Routine
Working with Customers and Colleagues
Level 5Blow Drying Techniques
Clipper Cutting Techniques: Gents
Current techniques in Long Hair: Basic
Face Painting
Facial Skin Care
Hair, Beauty and make-up: Personal Care and Appearance
Ladies Hairdressing: Basic Cutting Categories - Manicuring
Nail Art: Freehand• Pedicure - Reception Duties and Skills
Salon Skills: The Essentials - Setting and Winding Techniques for Hair
Shampooing, Conditioning and Scalp Massage

In addition we have recently received approval from City & Guilds to deliver a variety of hair and beauty courses.If you require additional information or have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can arrange to meet and discuss your school’s requirements and tailor delivery of units/courses to suit.